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Friday, 9 December 2011

Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come

Sam Cooke should have called it 
"A change will inevitably come as proved in political economy terms by Karl Marx in Capital Volume III", 
no doubt about it!  Well, some may claim Cooke actually conceived this song in a more idealistically way. 
Who gives a fig. 
All in all, it appeals people in a productive way!
Hence, let us enjoy —after pages of words and words — this small music masterpiece by Mr Cooke.

 I wish to point out that:

•Whomever doesn't give a fig about this video and wanna watch a cartoon may conveniently watch Karl Marx vs Captain Capitalism 
•Whomever wants to gain a greater knowledge about the problems of USSR-style Communism may conveniently read my articles on Marxism-Leninism and the political problems of mainstream "Marxism"
•Whomever wants to know in specific terms about the (minor) philological/epistemological and (major) politico-economic problems of Stagism, may conveniently read my article on the problems of Stagism and the question of Frontism
•Whomever wants to read about my stance on the Occupy Wall Street movement may conveniently read my article the political character of the Occupy Wall Street Movement
•Whomever is interested to know more about all these dynamics may conveniently read my article/pamphlet MARX'S LABOUR THEORY OF VALUE AND THE HUMBUG OF LIBERAL ACCOUNTANCY (Davide Ferri) 

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