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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

ILWU American workman talks about the December 12 West Coast Port Shutdown

"It's kinda like they spend trillions of dollars telling us they're keeping us safe from terrorists but they're creating terrorists at the same time, by cutting education, programmes for old people..."
[Workman's words in the video, Ed.]

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I wish to thank Bedggood from "Red Rave", who kindly signalled this important video of an ILWU labourer (ILWU is the acronym for International Longshore and Warehouse Union).
I wish to thank a passionate and honest anti-Capitalist who, despite our respective "constantly-discussed" ideological differences —for the record, he defines himself as a Trotskyist whilst I define myself as a Marxist-"Marxist" — always posts perspective and interesting material on his blog "Red Rave"

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